Take a unique journey and explore how the U.S. Mail influenced the history of treasured places now managed by the National Park Service. In this 259-page book, readers will discover:

  • Former mining, logging, fishing, and ranching communities that now lie within park boundaries
  • Ghost towns, including many that now lie underwater
  • Over 300 post offices in 110 parks, including some that operated on ships, trains, military bases, along historic trails, and even in a prison
  • Real-life drama - marriage, betrayal, politics, murder, fraud, successes, failures, and notoriety
  • A valuable resource of national park history, regional history, and genealogy

The author is a retired NPS employee with more than 40 years of service as a park ranger and planner.
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As mentioned in the Nov/Dec Scribblings, here is the full version of John Bloor's Colorado Poster Stamps Booklet.

This is a primer on the Danish Ore bicolors of 1875 - 1905. The book is filled with clear, oversized illustrations in color and includes a number of tables consolidating information on this particularly complex subject. The narrative is succinct and to the point on everything from frame designs, to color, to postal history. It is geared to the beginning Danish collector or specialist, and is useful to the intermediate specialist because of these traits and its design as a workbook that can be easily opened while studying individual copies. It is priced at $40 post paid in the U.S. (S/H overseas must be discussed with the RMPL). Available from the RMPL.

The Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library presents the second in it series of new publications.

This is the postal history story of the only stamps ever printed in Denver for a foreign government, produced in 1914 for the rebels in Mexico's Revolution led by Venustiano Carranza and Francisco "Pancho" Villa.

The price is $50, postpaid to addresses in the United States. Checks should be made out to "RMPL" and mailed to RMPL Mexico Book, 2038 South Pontiac Way, Denver, CO 80224.

In 2008, the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library published Camp Genter. This book went on to win three gold medals for literature.

No copies are available. For more information, contact the library.