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Officers and Board of Directors

President - Tonny Van loij

Vice-President - Jim Kilbane

Operations Manager - Steve Schweighofer

Corresponding Secretary - Paul Domenici

Recording Secretary - Regina Domenici

Treasurer - Bill Douglass

Eric Carlson - Rod Haenni
Rich Palestro - Gary Withrow


Primary Responsibilities

Librarian - Sherry Soraci-Jennings

Scribblings Editor - Charlie Freise

Membership - Roger Rydberg

Sales - Dasa Metzler

Webmasters - Jim Kilbane
Webmasters -  Roger Rydberg

Online Checkout - John Bloor

Volunteers - Steve Schweighofer

Youth Coordinator - Dan Nieuwlandt
Youth Coordinator  - Charlie Freise

Section Curators

Auction Catalogs - Steve Schweighofer

Colorado Room - Andrew Murin
Colorado Room   - Roger Rydberg

Maps - Steve Schweighofer

Special Collections - John Peters
Special Collections - Russell Powers 

Vertical Files - Open Position - Volunteer Needed



Standing Committees

Acquistions - Jim Kilbane

Outreach - Rod Haenni

Auctions - Gary Withrow
Auctions - Paul Domenici 

Publications - Jim Kilbane

Technology - Steve Schweighofer
Technology - Roger Rydberg

Video Production - Joe Lanotte